Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Warranty (ToSPP)

All customers of Cole Solutions are subject to the terms and conditions as set forth in this document. No one individual or organization shall be exempt from any sub section. All information contained in this document is applicable to all products, and services sold by Cole Solutions.

Cole Solutions reserves the right to charge you the entire amount due prior to beginning your project (this usually only happens for first time clients or custom orders).

Cole Solutions will typically provide a proof for approval. The client hereby understands that acceptance of proof is granted by e-mail response or signature response utilizing our tablet app or paper.

Terms of Service:

Cole Solutions agrees to provide the clients with complete service for their requested product and service. In the event of any issues associated with our products or service Cole Solutions may not contact you with notice of any issues, nor will we contact you when service has been restored.

Cole Solutions reserves the right to use images of your product or service on our Social Media pages (such as but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). Furthermore; we reserve the right to use images of your product or service purchased in all and any of our advertising.

Please note in the event that you Contract Cole Solutions to do work with you that may interfere will local bylaws, we will not accept any responsibility if you haven’t looked up these prior to contacting us. That being said Cole Solutions does our best to stay up to date with local bylaws, and provide local municipalities with information about the work at hand. However we DO NOT accept overall responsibility.

We reserve the right to use your e-mail address for communications, sales and other promotions until you request to be removed from the list. At that time we will remove your address from our mailing.

Payment Acceptance, Type, and Interest:

Cole Solutions accepts payment via: Cash, Cheque (prior approval required by Management), Visa, MasterCard, or E-Transfer. Our payment system will email you a secure link through Intuit to make your electronic payment when using Visa or MasterCard. Cole Solutions DOES NOT maintain your credit card numbers in our system, this is managed by third party provider (Intuit). Although invoice may show payment due dates of on delivery ( also know as same day as invoice date) you have 15 days to make payment in full. Otherwise we will charge compound interest monthly at 3.5% or per annum at 51.11%. For example, if your outstanding balance is $1,000.00 after 1 year and 15 days; your new balance is $1,511.11.

We understand that some of our service can become overwhelming to pay in one payment. A payment plan may be suggested by your Consultant or you may request one.


Cole Solutions sells third party branded articles of garment under our own stock number, and has an agreement with the suppliers. You as a client or website visitor MAY NOT use any image on our website without written consent from Cole Solutions. In the event we detect that you have been utilizing one of our image we will seek costs associated with this.

Our Apparel Pricing policy is specific to each order you make. Therefore should you order more than once from us we reserve the right to modify the price. This may be caused due to fluctuations in the general economy or modifications to your order compared to the previous order.

While EVERY reasonable attempt is made to provide accurate image and information on our Apparel or Shop page please understand that we will not compensate for any incorrect information. The information on our product pages is provided by the manufacture of the clothing. Further more please understand that an online image may differ from the final product you receive.

Design & Print:

Cole Solutions offers a wide range of design and print services. You the client understands that in the event you provide images to us for the purpose of printing you own the rights to reproduce this product and thereby have automatically given us permission to reproduce. In the event that we are contacted by a creator we will forward them to you.

When ordering you understand that there may be slight variations in the print process. This means that orders may have slightly different colours across quantities of products. You also understand that folds on your product may be off when using a image that doesn’t cover the entire side of the panel. We also do our best ensure proper calibration of our equipment and the highest quality.

Graphic and Web Design:

Cole Solutions offers graphic and web design to our clients. Clients understand that the quoted amount of hours for these types of products is an estimation and may change during the design process. We will inform the client ahead of time of an increase cost. Client understand that from time to time their website may go down for either planned or unplanned maintenance. Cole Solutions prides ourselves in customer service and will do our best to notify you of these outages immediately.


Cole Solutions provides development services in many respects. The following paragraphs will describe our responsibility to you for each service we provide:


Client understand that Cole Solutions purchases domains and may or may not host them within North America. You also agree and understand that we purchase domains from our third-party partnership and thus you agree to their policies as well as ours.


Clients who wish to host their website with Cole Solutions Hosting Services understand that although our systems have proven a 99.99% Uptime; it is still possible that your site may periodically stop working. Whether this is due to maintenance or an issue on our end, we are not to be held responsible for any loss of time, loss of sales, or any loss in general. In addition we will not provide any compensation due to a website issue. You also agree and understand that we purchase hosting from our third-party partnership and thus you agree to their policies as well as ours.


Cole Solutions SEO service is not a guaranteed service. We do our best to provide you with the best methods to increase your PageRank through SEO. We will never guarantee you will be on the first page of a search engine. However we do ensure that our algorithms are up to date with leading search engines.

Facility Management Services:

Cole Solutions has access to over 50,000 contractors across North America (including Alaska, Mexico, and Hawaii). Utilizing these contractors we can ensure your residential, retail, commercial, and industrial locations are maintained to the highest degree. This service is billed with one cycle in advance, meaning each payment is for the next cycle you have chosen. (Example: 6 months cycle, you pay on May 1st for June to Dec | Payment Dec 1st for Jan to June).

We will not be held responsible for any loss of sales, misrepresentation by contractors, or any other method that may cause you a loss of sales.

Please note as of 2016-01-01 Cole Solutions has discontinued our FMS package and our current clients are now being served by a third-party company.

Price Match Policy:

Cole Solutions offers a price match policy. In the event that you find a competitor who offers the exact same product or service at a lower price than us; we may match the price if:

You can provide a proper invoice or quote from the competitor, the information on the document includes all pertinent information, the competitor must not be a web only company

Cole Solutions reserves the right to decline the price match policy or make modifications to the requirements at anytime; with or without notice.

Privacy Policy:

Cole Solutions reserves the right to maintain a database of your information for any reason. We will not share or sell your information to any third party. You understand that for the reason of ICANN and other internet Authorities we may be required to provide you information to them.

We reserve the right to utilize our database of clients to contact you for sales promotions, new products or services, or default accounts, amongst other possible reasons.

Please note we will provide information to authorities at their request without hesitation.
Your information is stored on our Protected Accounting Cloud Server, our Secured Cloud Server Database, as well as an offline internal system for back up purposes.


Cole Solutions does not guarantee or warranty our products or services. Most of our orders are special order and cannot be resold to another client.

Most of our quality issues will be noticed during production and thus we can resolve before the client receives their completed products. The client understand that this can sometimes lengthen the time to complete and product and therefore understands all product completion dates are estimated. The client understands that this is not grounds to receive any sort of compensation nor an option to cancel the order.

In the event that a quality issue goes un-noticed after delivery. Cole Solutions reserves the right to investigate the case on a one by one scenario and make a decision based on this.

2016 Cole Solutions ToSPP Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Warranty.

Last Update: 2016-08-01 By: Cole Solutions Management Team